MC-2 High Speed Camera

MC-2 High Speed Camera

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The Fastcam MC2 is a high speed video system for production line troubleshooting or research. The small camera heads fit easily around the production line and can record video up to 2,000 fps at full resolution or up to 10,000fps at reduced resolution. The system has trigger and switch functions for precise video capture and fault finding. The Photron PFV software is intuitive and operators are quickly up to speed with its features. Continue reading

LED Cold Light Source

LED Cold Light SourceThis 24W LED light source has variable light intensity and gives a stable white illumination. The light intensity compares well with 150 watt halogen units and with a life of 20,00 hours its running costs are much lower. There is no fan so the unit is quiet and has a small (145 x 90mm) footprint. Pictured here with twin swanneck light guides and focusing lenses the unit is ideal for stereo microscopy where the subject needs cool white light.

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VM10x Video Inspection System

The VM10x video microscope has been manufactured by Close-Ups for severaVM10x Video Inspection Systeml years and is established in numerous companies and amongst several different industries as an easy to use inspection system. There is a large zoom range enabling the inspection of larger components or the fine detail on small components. Continue reading