Video Microscopes

Video Inspection System – VM10X

Zoom optics with magnification from x5 to x50.
Option to extend to x100.
Plan or angled viewing.
For the inspection of PCB’s, components, SMT, ceramics, metal pressings,
machined parts and plastic mouldings by the Quality Control and Quality Assurance engineer
Supplied with a 15“,17” or 19” LCD TFT monitor and LED ring light
Image Capture attachment or 1.3mPixel USB2 colour camera.

Compact Macro Video Microscope

Choice of two Quality Zoom Lens
Modular system with diagonal fov from 91.4mm to 0.08 mm.
Various stand and lighting options including LED substage, LED ringlight and LED co-axial lighting.
Selection of PAL and Megapixel Cameras

Video Inspection System – SMT Inspection

Choice of two Quality Zoom Lens Systems.
Magnification from x6 to x300.
Fluorescent lighting or ring lights (LED or Halogen).
Plan or angled viewing.
Modular system suitable for large or small PCBs or a range of three dimensional objects where good resolution, working distance and depth of field are required.
Can be supplied with 15, 17 or 19” LCD TFT monitors.
There are a selection of analogue PAL cameras or USB2 Megapixel Cameras.

High Powered Video Microscope

Megapixel USB2 cameras (1.4 , 2, 3.3 or
Image and video capture.
System uses long working distance objectives for the inspection of semi-conductors, crosssections, surface detail etc.
XY graduated or gliding stages
Various stand and lighting options including LED substage, LED co-axial lighting and Powerful LED light source with short working distance ring lights
Two or three axis measurement
Fine focus controls
Typical fields of view range from:
(with x10 objective) 2mm to 0.7mm
(with x20 objective) 1mm to 0.3mm
(with x50 objective) 0.3mm to 0.01mm

“Micro” Video Microscope

A large range of Fixed magnification & Zoom lenses. Numerous applications in Laboratory, Production or Field environments. Image to Monitor or Computer.
Lens options, x5, x10, x25, x50, x100
and zoom x35-x210.