Quality MEIJI Stereo microscopes made in Japan
Product range includes the very popular EMZ5.
EMZ5 .. x7 to x45
EMZ8 …x7 to x45 – through the lens lighting
EMZ13 ..x10 – x70
EMT1 (x10 & x20), EMT2 (x10 & x30), EMT3 (x20 & x40)
Large range of eyepieces and supplementary lenses
Stands include simple pole stands, illuminated base (halogen or LED) and long arm boom stands .
All products can have cameras, detents, Halogen or LED ring lights.

60 LED Ring Light

This white LED ring light has dimming control 0-100%, is 230V mains and comes with UK mains lead. The Internal diameter is 61mm and there are three thumb screws to secure to lenses and microscopes.
Adapter rings are available for the Budget stereo microscopes, Meiji EMT1 and EMT2 stereo microscopes and 10:1 zoom lens.

Oblique viewing with the Meiji Z7100 quality stereo microscope.
Magnification x7 to x45. range of supplementary lenses and eyepieces. Illustrated on a boom stand.

Long Reach Stand

Approx data - 500mm (l) x 500mm (h)
Horizontal arm has rack/pinion movement
Base 250 x 250mm – Total weight 15kg
Spigots can be 20mm, 25mm or 30mm dia
An excellent boom arm with the advantage the spigot angle is adjustable.

Budget Chinese Stereo Zoom Microscopes with camera port and LED ring light. Options include pole stand, illuminated base (halogen) and boom stand.
Magnification x7 to x45 (max x180).

Ultra Stable Stand

Can be bench mounted or supplied on 600 x 400mm board (as illustrated)

We supply a complete range of Metallurgical and Biological Compound Microscopes Including the latest MT series from Meiji.

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LED Light Source

This unit is more powerful than a standard 150 watt halogen light source.
• Noise free - Smaller footprint (approx 90 x 150mm)
• Life: 20,000 hrs - Colour temperature: 6000~7000k
• LED power: 24W - 85-265 Vac input
• Filters available: Yellow, Red, Blue
• Accepts 5/8” (15.9mm) light guides – twin gooseneck light guide available

A Range of Fibre Optic light guides

Flexible light guides (for co-axial lenses)
Single gooseneck light guide
Dual gooseneck light guides
Focusing lenses
Ring lights and Area back lights