Mantis and Lynx

The Mantis was first introduced in 1994 and was an immediate success. The Mantis eyepieceless system gave a well illuminated stereo image with reduced operator fatigue. In 2005 this Mantis was replaced by two new systems, one called the Mantis Compact and the other the Mantis Elite. Both new units use LED lighting and this removes the need for a cooling fan.

Customers requiring a maximum magnification of x8 can use the Mantis Compact whereas the Mantis Elite has the option of x10, x15 and x20 magnification.

MEH-001...Mantis Elite Head
Mantis Elite Head with 1.3MPixel Camera (MEHCAM-001)
MES-005...Mantis Elite Universal Stand
MES-006...Mantis Elite Bench Stand
MEO-00X…Mantis Elite Objective X2, X4, X6, X8, X10, X15, X20 9v dc psu required
MCH-001...Mantis Compact Head
MCS-005...Mantis Compact Universal Stand
MCS-006...Mantis Compact Bench Stand
MCO-00X…Mantis Compact Objective X2, X4, X6, X8 9v dc psu required

Both Mantis units have LED reflected lighting hence no fan and higher reliability.

LYNX Stereo Optical Inspection

Lynx is a unique eyepieceless stereo microscope for intricate tasks requiring high-resolution stereo viewing. The eyepieceless optics of Lynx significantly increase head freedom and eye relief, reducing operator stress and fatigue over long periods of time.

Lynx is used in a wide range of industry applications including general manufacturing, electronics, precision engineering, medical devices, plastics and rubber.

The new system has a 14 point LED ring light. The magnification as standard is x7-x40 with option of x3.5 to x120. The Lynx uses Vision Engineering’s patented Dynascope technology and can accommodate PAL and Megapixel cameras and comes in bench stand, boom stand and VS8 configuration with rotational mirrors for SMT inspection.

The Bench Stand can have a
100 x 100mm floating stage (MS-001)