Metrology Systems

Measuring and Video Generators


3-Axis metrology system with manual or motorised stages from 150 x 150mm up to 400 x 300mm. Optical viewing to see greater surface.

Optional Video Edge Detection (VED) and cameras for image capture. Software includes many features to aid the measuring functions. Macro and micro lenses to suit the application.

Fully automated option available.

50 x 50mm XY stage with Mitutoyo micrometers. Fits Pole Stand

25 x 25mm XY stage with digital micrometers. Fits Pole Stand

Falcon 300

Camera based 3 axis metrology system with 100 x 150mm stage and Z-axis measuring of 125mm with 1 micron resolution. Includes QC-300 readout unit with LED reflected (with quadrant control) and transmitted illumination.


Option of 150 x 150mm stage, QC5000 software and full automation

iSolution Lite is a streamlined version of the i-Solution image analysis application. Suitable for measuring on captured images, stitching several images and includes "Focus Enhancement" to merge several images to obtain one with greater depth of focus. Export captured pictures with measurements to Excel.


A Toolmakers Microscopes can comprise a camera to capture images and include measurement functions. Such cameras can be USB2 compatible, colour or monochrome. This system should have detents or “stops” in the zoom control. The software will allow calibration of these points in the zoom lens to enable accurate measurements to be made on the captured image.

When using an XY stage with digital micrometers (or XY stage with linear encoders) a centre reference point is required in the video image. Some USB2 cameras include a cross-hair graticule or alternatively use an analogue camera with a cross-line generator. The measurement is the movement of the stage and can be read from the micrometers or digital readout display.

Z Height Measurement

Measure via a process known as "differential focus".
Measurements readings to three decimal places.
Measurement can be taken directly to computer via USB2 cable which also powers the digital gauge. This can also be taken directly into an open spreadsheet. System components include dial gauge, dial gauge bracket, power lead/Opto cable, Winwedge software, Cable USB to serial adapter.

Cross hairs generator

Control of position is via. ten turn potentiometers and contrast adjustment for lines from white to black. 125 x 73 x 45mm, 12vdc, composite video operation via BNC.

Cross hairs in a box

Size and position controlled with 4 ten turn potentiometers. For use with pick and place machines or other applications where component location, positioning and alignment is required. 125 x 73 x 45mm, 12vdc, composite video operation via BNC.

NEW compact cross line generator

Dimensions 85 x 32 x 54mm 12Vdc
Contrast adjustment
Cross line horizontal and vertical adjustment
Mono or colour, CCIR or EIA, composite video