Machine Vision and Inspection Lenses

Zoom 6000 Systems

The workhorse to fit nearly any machine vision application.
Achievable diagonal field of view can vary from 91mm to 0.09 mm. Use with C-mount Cameras up to 1" format.

Unsurpassed optical performance; images are crisp and clear and display optimum contrast.

Working distance can be varied from 36 to 356 mm

Precise Eye

C-mount machine vision lens system.
A Modular system of various adapters and body tubes.

Available with right angle adapters, fine focus and co-axial illumination.
Clamp available for machine mounting.
FOV from 39.2 x 29.4 through to 0.5 x 0.3mm.
Working distances of 356, 175, 113, 92, 51 and 36mm.
High resolution modular lens system with high contrast levels to speed image processing.

6000 Ultrazoom utilises Microscope Objectives for increased magnification and to achieve unmatched flatness and clarity. Diagonal fields of view from 4.02 to 0.01mm

Options for Zoom 6000 and Ultra

Detented lenses for image measurement applications.
Motorised zoom and focus versions available.
DC motors allow continuous zoom and focus while stepper motor versions allow fine incremental movements.
Right angle adapters and mounting clamps.

Precise Eye Ultra

Similar to Precise Eye and utilise Microscope Objectives for increased magnification and to achieve unmatched flatness and clarity. Fields of view from 2.82(h) x 2.12(v) to 0.04(h) x 0.03(v) mm.

Options for Precise Eye and Ultra:
Motorised or manual focus
Co-axial light port

12x Zoom Systems

All 12x Zoom models have a parfocal zoom lens system with a high NA to achieve higher resolution and improved optical clarity. Achievable diagonal field of view from 85.71mm to 0.08mm. Use with C-mount cameras up to 2/3" format.

12x Ultrazoom system utilises Microscope Objectives for increased magnification and to achieve unmatched flatness and clarity. Diagonal fields of view from 2.24 to 0.01mm

More Robust Design

Navitar’s motorization design, available on the 12X and Zoom 6000 systems, integrates magnetic Hall-Effect sensors to reference position location.

Hall-Effect sensors are solid state devices with no moving parts. The Hall-Effect sensing mechanism utilizes a magnetic field to trigger a pulse in a semiconductor circuit.

Motorized zoom lenses include LabVIEW “VI” and Windows user interface. They can be controlled via serial RS-232 or USB. The control system is available as either table top or board level.

Users can choose to motorize the zoom and focus axis, or just the zoom.

Three different motor types available:
2 or 5 Phase Stepping Motor and DC Servo with Encoder

Options for 12x and Ultra

Right angle adapters, co-axial illumination, fine focus, telecentric adapters (for 12x) and motorised zoom and focus.

Detented lenses improve ease of use and accuracy in image measurement applications.

Designed and manufactured to the most stringent quality standards this range of
machine vision lenses from the USA are the choice of OEMs.

Supplied by Close-Ups to many of the UK’s leading manufacturers, research centres and Universities, we offer the benefit of our experience to help you find the best optics to suit your needs.

The World’s First Parfocal Telecentric Zoom Lens

The 12X Telecentric Zoom system allows users to reach a true telecentric condition to within less than 0.3° while maintaining constant perspective and magnification. The 12X Telecentric Zoom provides field coverage from 50 mm down to 4 mm at 188mm working distance and the coaxial illumination allows clear viewing, even when working with mirror-like surfaces.

It’s ideal for measuring three-dimensional objects with deep features, such as precision parts and electrical connector pins and contacts. It’s also the perfect lens for viewing inconsistently placed parts on a conveyer belt.