High Resolution PAL Cameras

USB Cameras

Watec Colour CCD Cameras (CS mount)


Wat-221S, 480 TVL Resolution (S-Video)
0.1 Lux sensitivity, 12v DC input, 160 gram, 51.5 x 42 x 42mm.
External adjustments of Shutter Speed and White Balance.
Composite and S-Video outputs.


Wat-231S2, 540 TVL Resolution (S-Video)
0.05 Lux sensitivity, 12v DC input, 160 gram, 65 x 42 x 42mm.
External adjustments of Shutter Speed and White Balance.
Composite and S-Video outputs.


Wat-250D2, 540 TVL Resolution, Composite output video
0.2 Lux sensitivity, 12v DC input, 90 gram, 34 x 34 x 51mm

USB CCD microscopy cameras from Lumenera for clinical, life science, materials science and educational professionals working under low light conditions. On board processing. Live video preview provides for real-time focus. Low read noise, good frame rate and high sensitivity make these quality microscopy cameras.

Available in monochrome or colour versions. Features include:
Video and movie capture, integration and binning.
Powered directly from the computer. No capture card required
Supplied with drivers, USB2 cable and a selection of software graticules and measurement functions.
Infinity 2-1, 1.4 Mpixel, 15fps
Infinity 2-2, 2 MPixel, 12fps
Infinity 2-3, 3.3 MPixel, 5fps
Infinity 2-5, 5 MPixel

Watec 240 vivid (miniature colour pencil camera)

¼“ CCD, 752 (H) x 582 (V), 1,6 Lux sensitivity, 450 TVL resolution
DC 6 V 18 x 65 mm with 3.8mm F2 glass lens. 28 g
Optional glass lenses:
3.7mm F4.5 pinhole, 1.9mm F2, 2.5mm F2, 6mm F2.5
8mm F2, 12mm F2, 25mm F4

New Compact USB2 camera with 1/3” 1.3MP Exview HAD CCD. This small camera had a 25.5 x 41 x 44mm plastic body.

The resolution is 1296 x 964 @ 18fps. The pixels are 3.75micro square and there is a global shutter.

The USB connector is mini 5 pin and there is also a 7pin connector for trigger and strobe options.

The camera is CS mount and can connect to a C-mount lens with the necessary adapter.

Watec Monochrome CCD Cameras (CS mount)

Wat 902B
½“ CCD, 752 (H) x 582 (V)
0.003 Lux sensitivity, 570 TVL resolution
12 DC input, 135 mA
34 x 34 x 50 mm, 90 g

GigE Cameras

GigE, CCD, C-mount for Machine Vision applications.

These industrial cameras come in Colour or Monochrome options (all with external trigger) for numerous industrial vision applications.

1/3” 640 x 480, 90 fps
1/3” 1024 x 768, 36fps
1/2” 1360 x 1024, 30fps
1/1.8” 1620 x 1220, 30 fps
2/3” 2448 x 2050, 9 fps
2/3” 1392, x 1024 30fps NIR up to 880nm