High Speed Cameras

High Speed Imaging with Borescope

The Fastcam MC-2 is Photron's latest high speed camera for production line fault finding and has a small camera head for operation in confined spaces and at awkward angles.

It comes supplied with Photron's easy to use software allowing engineers to optimise productivity and efficiency. The Gigabit Ethernet connection enables fast transfer of video to computer. Camera heads can be colour or monochrome and optional tracking software enables research engineers to analyse and record component movement. Record with one or two camera heads.

Small camera head
2,000 fps at full resolution
One or two camera head operation.
Colour or monochrome
Easy to use software.
Light sensitive CMOS sensors
10,000 fps at partial resolution

High Speed Imaging with Endoscope.

A selection of rigid endoscopes with powerful 270W Metal Halide light Source, liquid light guide and CCTV adapter for internal machine vision.

Typical accessories are lighting, tripods, lenses and multi-position arm with clamp