Halogen 150W Fibre Optic Illuminator

Variable light intensity
Available in 110v or 230V
Colour temp 3200K
21V 150W bulb
Accepts 5/8” (15.9mm) light guides

A Range of Fibre Optic light guides

Flexible light guide (for co-axial lenses)
Single gooseneck light guide
Dual gooseneck light guides
Focusing lenses
Ring lights and Area back lights

Co-axial white LED light to fit Zoom 6000, Zoom 12x and Precise Eye lenses with 8mm co-axial light port.

This unit is a cost effective solution with bright LED, diffuser and dimmer control.

Supplied with 12v dc psu.

Two Sizes of white LED Ringlight

Smaller (20 LED) and larger (40 LED) ring lights provides bright and homogenous illumination for the whole working space.

The smaller ringlight is 38 mm internal diameter and the larger ringlight is 66mm ID and suitable for stereo microscopes. An adapter for the larger ringlight is available to reduce the ID to upto 38mm.

Supplied with light intensity control unit. Mains 230V, Colour Temp 5000K.

LED Light Source – more powerful than 150W halogen

• Noise free - Smaller footprint (approx 90 x 150mm)
• Life: 20,000 hrs - Colour temperature: 6000~7000k
• LED power: 24W - 85-265 Vac input
• Filters available: Yellow, Red, Blue
• Accepts 5/8” (15.9mm) light guides – twin gooseneck light guide available


LED Co-axial lights. Options include:

Neutral White 4100K
Cool White 6500K
Warm White 3100K
Blue 470nm
Royal Blue 447.5nm
Cyan 505nm
Green 530nm
Amber 590nm
Red-Orange 617nm
Red 627nm

Control is via Analogue or Digital control box or PCB kit. Digital box requires RS232 or USB cable (included).

60 LED Ring Light

With dimmer control, 230V
Internal diameter 61mm, three thumb screws to secure to lenses and microscopes.
Adapter rings for available for Budget stereo microscopes, Meiji EMT1 and EMT2 stereo microscopes and 10:1 Zoom lenses.


Red 623nm oval ringlight of 180 LED’s with 150mm WD.
Ring Light - white 5500K or Red 623nm (60 LED)
Fresnel lenses available for 50, 100 or 150mm WD
Ring light coupler required to fit Zoom 6000, Zoom 12x or Precise Eye lenses.
Control is via Analogue control box.

The new white LED co-axial light on a Navitar Zoom Lens