DIC Imaging

Fluorescence Imaging

Two Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) modules are available, the original module and the newer Nikon High Resolution module.

DIC imaging is a technique used to enhance the contrast in unstained and transparent samples.

Close-Ups supply both macro or micro configurations using the Navitar Zoom 6000 Ultra or 12x Ultra lenses. When used with reflected light (either the Navitar or Close-Ups LED illumination) can often be interpreted as a true 3D representation of the surface geometry. It provides a clear distinction between the raised and lowered regions of the specimen.

Systems are compact and can be easily transported.

ZFL Scope is a Macro/Micro fluorescence microscopy system that utilizes interchangeable professional fluorescent cubes. It is a simple means of doing very sophisticated, task oriented fluorescence without the expense and complexity associated with a fully loaded research microscope.

Field of view up to 9.2 mm with a 2/3” CCD in macro mode. Micro mode utilizes professional infinity corrected objectives. Much lower cost and smaller (more compact) than traditional microscopes. Zoom and fixed systems available. Fine focus included with both systems. LED illumination includes:

Blue 470nm
Royal-Blue 447.5nm
Cyan 505nm
Green 530nm
Amber 590nm
Red-Orange 617nm
Red 627nm


Laboratory (Flow Cytometry, Live Cell Imaging, Laser Confocal Imaging, Cell Sorting etc)


Educations (competitively priced)
Machine vision (space saving)